Lily Mott

Multimedia content creator and journalist based in London

Change comes over time. The first episode of “Be the change.” podcast was released on June 2, 2020, and this episode marks three years since that first episode. This episode features some of the most memorable guests from the last three years including: Sophie Beren, Kahlil Greene, Francesca Reicherter, Paxton Smith, Dineo Mya Serame, Isaias Hernandez, Angeles Ponpa, Natalie Magness, Ellis Lloyd Jones, Ideja Bajra, Sophie Sandberg, Marlow Baines, Aaliyan Khan, Bianca Hayles, Hailey Rodgers, Alisha Aslam, Ransom Fox, Rebecca Joseph, Ruhani Walia, Seika Brown, and Austen Wyche.