Print Journalism

A selection of published articles in the Rockbridge Report, the Ring-tum Phi, the Canyon Courier, and Cardinal News

Rockbridge Report

I covered the education beat for the Rockbridge Report from September to December 2022.

Ring-tum Phi

I am a reporter for the Ring-tum Phi at Washington and Lee University which has been written by the students and for the students since 1897. It is the mission of the Ring-tum Phi to accurately, truthfully and thoroughly report news affecting the university community for students, faculty, parents, and alumni. 

Canyon Courier

I am a freelance reporter for the Canyon Courier which is a weekly newspaper serving Evergreen, Colorado and its surrounding communities.

Cardinal News

I am a freelance reporter for Cardinal News which is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan news site that serves Southwest and Southside Virginia.